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Looking for Dental sedation in Manchester? This is just one way that you can control your dental phobia and you’ll be pleased to hear that it is something that we offer, here at Oakley Dental to patients who consider themselves to be “a nervous patient”.

Sedation dentistry is a safe method for helping patients to relax whilst they’re sat in the dentist chair, we tend to offer this to patients who have high levels of anxiety, and cannot stand the sight of needles or blood. Although we specialise in cosmetic dentistry for patients who are fearful, we also provide conscious sedation for those who have sensitive teeth and find it difficult for their gums to be numbed.

At Oakley Dental, it’s our responsibility to put our patient’s mind at rest, ensuring that they feel calm prior to their treatment, hence why we use sedatives in the form of an injection or tablet form. Dental sedation is injected into the back of the hand or the arm where there are blood vessels. Using sedation dentistry will allow us to provide you with a sense of relief.

Are you looking for treatment fast? The use of conscious sedation could be exactly what you need- it enables us to speed up the process of your treatment, providing you with quicker results!

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With over 30 years experience as a dentist, and have helped OVER 10,000 patients that would describe themselves as nervous patients, anxious patients or have a phobia of the dentist (dental phobia) – to achieve the smile they deserve.
Your Dental Health Is Our Priority.