Do Braces Cause Migraines or Headaches?

Do Braces Cause Migraines or Headaches?

We’ve all the heard the stories associated with the dentists, and these stories can sometimes extend to the treatment being done by dentists.

One of the most commonly asked questions by the people of Manchester is – “does the fitting of braces lead to headaches?”

In short, the answer is no, but some may find that there are some side effects, which can arise for several different reasons.

These reasons are set out as follows:


Metal Allergies

There has been no scientific research that shows the use of braces to be associated with headaches.pain from braces

However, there can be instances where headaches are experienced. The first of these instances is that the patient could have a metal allergy, which is why they’re suffering from headaches.

Braces are Fitted Incorrectly

Although braces take some time to get used to, the patient should expect to feel a little discomfort once they have been fitted on and each time the braces are adjusted.

If you’re are experiencing painful headaches, it could be that the braces have been fitted incorrectly, and you should tell your dentist as soon as possible but it is highly unlikely for a dentist to fit the braces incorrectly.


Ensuring Braces Don’t Cause an Issue

A professional dentist will work with patients to ensure that the right solution is chosen. Those who are unsure of any allergies would be advised to visit their doctor first.

Although only around 4% of patients suffer from a metal allergy, it may be worth making some enquiries before having the work carried ou


braces in manchester

If you have any questions about the fitting of braces or installation, then why not contact your dentist for an informal discussion.

The dentist will be able to discuss what options are available, and what the final cost of the treatment will be, making you feel more at ease in the process.


If you are experiencing any difficulties or pain form your braces in Manchester, why not call our team who would love to help you by calling us on 0161 773 0111.

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