Here at Oakley Dental, we know we’re good – that’s why our patients return to us time after time. If you’re not convinced, here’s their comments. Straight from, as it were, the horse’s mouth…

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Dawn (A nervous dental patient)

Ryan (A nervous dental patient)

Peter (Teeth straightening with Invisalign)

Ryan (A Nervous Patient)

Esther – “I wish I had found you sooner!.”
Thank you so much for looking after me yesterday I am overwhelmed with how wonderful the whole experience was! I never thought that going to the dentist could be such a PLEASANT, PAIN FREE, STRESS FREE experience – I wish I had found you sooner! After a lifetime of being TERRIFIED of dental treatment yesterday’s experience has ‘cured’ that fear. The sedation really is amazing but it’s not just that you are all so kind and caring, genuinely lovely that’s the thing that makes the real difference being treated as a person not just another patient.
I am looking forward (can you believe that) to getting the rest of the work done and having the smile that I have always wanted!”
Love & Best Wishes
E x

Kelly Frangleton – “I’m so happy to go to the dentist now and my phobia has totally gone.”
“I cannot give Oakley Dental enough praise. I started my journey needing 3 teeth removing, filings and 4 crowns. I never ever thought I’d get to the stage with being so confident. From having a bad experience with dentists as a child my phobia had grown over the years to where I hadn’t seen a dentist in 15 years. I had contracted an abscess and knew at this point I needed help. I know I wanted to be sedated with how bad my nerves were. Meeting Steve, Rayna, Danielle, Claire and Chelsea is just an amazing experience. I’ve never felt so at ease as going today I needed root canal, I was sedated and came round knowing nothing. I’m so happy to actually go to the dentist now and my phobia has totally gone.Just a massive thank you to the staff as they do an amazing job! If anyone reading this post and is thinking about going to Oakley Dental, just go. From the very first visit you know you’re in safe hands. Anyone who has questions who would like to ask me please feel free to contact me. I will be honest and tell you what to expect from all the treatment I’ve had.Thanks again Oakley for helping my smile look so beautiful for my wedding day.”

Bev Martin – Texas USA – “I just fly back to the UK and let Steve carry on looking after my teeth!”“I have always been so very nervous about going to the dentist and about twenty years ago, I found a lovely dental practice and dentist (Steve Maskill). The staff are wonderful and so helpful and caring. Twenty years on, he is the only dentist I will allow to do my dental treatment. Don’t get me wrong, I am still terrified of going to the dentist and work myself up, every single time I need anything done, but as soon as I work through the doors of Oakley Dental, they calm me down and make me feel at ease.

Also I recently left the UK and moved to Texas and my first thought was what on earth am I going to do without my dentist, how could I possibly go and see anybody else……………problem solved, I just fly back to the UK and let Steve carry on looking after me teeth.

Well worth the flight every time. Why go to anyone else when you are happy and relaxed with the service and treatment you have always received. THANK YOU OAKLEY!! : )”

Dylan Nieuwoudt – “Now I can smile with confidence”“I would firstly like to thank Steve and the Oakley Dental team who made the whole experience, not only bearable, but very positive. Going from having teeth that looked like a crooked great white shark (…and I am not exaggerating…) to a friendly straight smile. I feel that I have greatly improved in my self-confidence, mainly because I didn’t want people to look at my mouth or comment on my crooked teeth, as it was embarassing and made me feel uncomfortable, and to some extent helpless to do anything. But, Steve has turned my morning into sunshine, because now I can smile with confidence knowing that I look so much better now that I have completed the clear-brace treatment. I definately recommend this treatment, and I would be surprised if other’s don’t have a similar positive experience. Thank you so much Steve and Oakley team, for all your hard work and professionalism throughout my treatment! Good Job!

Peter Do -“…the service is brilliant”“I love this place! I was recommended by a friend of mine, Aaron and he was telling me how friendly this place was, so I called up for a free consultation for invisalign, which i’ve been other places for quotes, and found that Oakley dental was best for prices and the service is brilliant! and Today i’ve had my braces taken off and had my teeth filled strighter at the bottom. The whole process from start to finish took 6 months! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! too all the Oakley Dental staff and Steven! love my new smile!!! I recommend all my family and friends too go!!!

L Butterworth – “…after not going for years I have suffered massive anxiety and panic….but I then found Oakley.”“Wow! I can’t even believe I am at the point where I can write a very very positive review about a dentist. This is something I thought would never happen, since I first admitted to myself I needed to go to the dentist after not going for years I have suffered massive anxiety and panic….but I then found Oakley. I completed an online questionnaire which asked me all about my fears and anxieties about the dentist in general which I found comforting as I knew the dental team would know what to expect when they met me. My first appointment was a brief consultation and Steve (the dentist) came to speak to me out of uniform to make me feel at ease, but even the first appointment was hard I cried all the way through it and never ever thought I could do it. The staff are so welcoming and approachable. Steve always assured me I would be looked after and well cared for and this I can wholeheartedly vouch for. Since that first appointment I have been going to Steve and his team for over 6 months, each time I had treatment I was sedated due to my fears but this made a dental visit far from a scary task. I am now at the point I can go to the dentist alone for a short appointment without my husband and the team make me feel so welcome. Steve always assures me they will take care of me and I have no reason to doubt this. I am coming up to my first regular appointment which I am going to do alone as I know now I can go to the dentist and feel at ease and not under pressure or panic. Steve and his team have made me so much more confident and have allowed me to face my fear at a slow pace. I am now a regular and will be keeping up with all my appointments. I cannot recommend this place highly enough; I have not got enough nice words in my vocabulary for them. Thank you to Steve and his whole team getting me where I am today.

Sabihq – “Steve you have been excellent”“To Steve, Raynor and all staff at Oakley Dental.

It’s been absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for your service but more than anything given me confidence within my self and now I can smile with confidence. Steve you have been excellent, thank you for your patience and making my journey to the dentist at ease.

Thanks again, wish you all the best.

Rachael Dry – “I was delighted with the results”“I had been meaning to look into getting braces for a while – I’d had them when I was younger but my teeth had crossed over again as I got into my late teens. I was pleasantly surprised by what could be achieved in such a short space of time with the ‘Six Month Smile’. The braces were reasonably priced and I was delighted with the results.”

Edward Blake – “It will change your life for the better”” Take my tip; do not waste any more time thinking about getting your teeth corrected. If “Dental Phobia” is your problem make an appointment now, not tomorrow, with Steven and his team at Oakley Dental, you will not regret it and it will change your life for the better.

Chris – “I would highly recommend 6 Month Smiles”“Before coming to see Steve and the team at Oakley Dental I rarely showed my teeth when smiling as I felt they just didn’t look that good. After going through the 6 Month Smile process, I can smile confidently as I now have teeth to be happy about. I would highly recommend the 6 Months Smile to others as I feel it was a fairly simple process which could potentially change your life for the better.

Thanks Steve! (& rest of team at Oakley Dental)”

Elaine O’Sullivan – Rochdale -“Absolutely brilliant”“I was really scared of coming to the dentist and I came to Steven’s practice and it’s been absolutely brilliant. All the staff, everything about them is so great, he is such a lovely person – he made me feel at ease. We go over all my treatments, I’ve not been one bit scared; now I can walk in with no nerves – they are absolutely brilliant; all of them!”

Simon – Portugal – “I fly back from Portugal”“Steve and the team are the only practice I trust. I fly back from Portugal just for all my treatment. Steve has helped me get over the fear of dentists. Muite Obngado”

Sally – Manchester -“It was the best thing ever that I came to Steve”“…well what can I say, it was the best thing ever that I came to Steven. He’s wonderful, I’ve recommended him to all my friends; I feel so confident in him. He reassures me every time that he’s doing his best to help me. I’m really, really pleased with him and all my friends are as well. Thank you.”

Jacqueline Booker – Whitefield, Manchester – “Absolutely fantastic”“…have been coming to Steven now for a number of years. I can’t even remember when I started coming to Steven. I have absolutely no problem with him; I think he’s absolutely fantastic. We’ve changed hygienists a few times but again, no problems. I have three daughters – Phoebe, Phillipa and Madeline and they also attend the dentist every six months with myself and everything is just brilliant. He’s a lovely, friendly, caring dentist…Very genuine, a gentle man, a great practice and all the staff are absolutely brilliant.”

Mike Ward – Manchester -“Extremely friendly, very professional”“…I’ve been seeing the same dentist, Steven Maskill, for about 15 years now. He’s always been extremely friendly, very professional, and always looks after myself and my wife and my daughter and I’m recommending him to anyone. He’s put my daughter at ease; she’s terrified of needles and that was all that was required. He’s very friendly and a very professional chap.

Glenys Gregory – “Top treatment with a top team”I have been with Steve and his team for many, many years, wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else, have ended up with more teeth than when I started! Top treatment with a top team!

Susan White – “100%”Great! What else can I say 100%

Mark Edwards – “Steve sorted the problem in seconds!”I had been with five different dentists prior to joining Oakley Dental and none of them picked up what was going on with my teeth. Steve sorted the problem in seconds!! He’s a star for sorting my teeth out.

Elizabeth Dawid – “Simply The Best”Simply the best! Excellent practice, putting each patient first, in difficult cases patients are given different options of treatment. Patients who are anxious/nervous are put at ease and helped to overcome their anxieties. I have been a patient for over 20 years and would highly recommend Oakley Dental and their super staff.

Neil MacDonald – “…helpful, friendly service…”Introduced to the surgery by my partner and have received a helpful, friendly service and would recommend anyone to use Oakley Dental.

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