Oral Surgery by Oakley Dental In Prestwich, Manchester

Oakley Dental is very privileged to have an Oral Surgeon, Dr Sandra Glass, working at the dental cosmetic surgery.

Sandra performs the majority of the extractions, predominantly wisdom teeth at our dental surgery in Manchester, leaving Steve free to concentrate on what he enjoys best… creating sensational smiles.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually appear between the ages of 16 and 25 at the back of the mouth. They are commonly extracted when they affect other teeth – this is known as “impacted wisdom teeth”. Wisdom teeth can grow unnoticed until they start to cause issues in the mouth. Oakley Dental provide oral surgery for wisdom teeth at our state of the art Manchester dental surgery.

The Wisdom Tooth Surgical Procedure

At our Manchester dental surgery, wisdom teeth are extracted either because they have already become impacted or because they are potentially problematic.

Oakley Dental are proud to have provided oral surgery services to our local patients within Bury, Whitefield, Prestwich, throughout Manchester and Beyond. Call 0161-773-0111 today and improve your smile.

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