How to Get Over Your Fear of the Dentist – 4 Simple Tips!

Dental Phobia – Fear or mild anxiety when in the dentist’s waiting room is very common. Despite invasive dentistry now being performed under very effective anaesthetic, many people still fear that procedures will be painful. Others find the processes intrusive or embarrassing, and strongly dislike having another individual study the condition of their teeth and gums, and a few people’s concerns actually stem from an unpleasant experience they have had – usually prior to the implementation of current practices or due to complications they have suffered in the past. There are also those who dislike the feeling of being helpless and “at the mercy” of dental surgeons. Many are able to overcome these concerns and visit the dentist with little trouble – however, a small number of individuals suffer from what is known as “dental phobia”, where their fear is so overpowering that they are unable to ignore it and cannot force themselves to go, however hard they try – and some even suffer panic attacks. Often, people with dental phobia go for years, or even decades, without visiting a dentist.

There are, in fact, dentists who specialise in the treatment of patients who suffer from dental phobia. Dr Steven Maskill BDS of Oakley Dental is a certified dental phobia specialist. Here are some of his top tips when it comes to how to get over fear of the dentist.

  1. Talk to Your Dentist

You’re not alone when it comes to an acute fear of the dentist. Many practitioners come across dental phobia cases time and time again, and are perfectly happy to sit down for a consultation with anyone who is concerned about receiving treatment. Many specialise in doing precisely that. If you find yourself extremely worried about a procedure, make sure that the dentist you choose is one you feel comfortable with, and is able to arrange a meeting where you can freely discuss your worries.

  1. Find Support

While some may prefer to deal with their concerns directly within the relevant environment, others may wish to talk their worries through with a specialist. Phobias are one of the most common issues to be tackled with the help of a psychiatrist or therapist, and their approaches can be highly effective, including the teaching of relaxation techniques. Speaking with friends and loved ones to air your concerns can also prove highly therapeutic.

  1. Deal With it Gradually

Specialist dentists will be more than happy to work on a step-by-step system to gradually set you at your ease. This may start with simply getting you inside the premises and sitting in the chair, and will go on from there for as many sessions as you require before you’re happy to undergo a procedure.

  1. Change Your Interaction with the Space

Don’t let the dentist’s chair get the better of your nerves. Bring a friend to sit in with you and talk to you, place items around that will distract you or listen to music through headphones to take your mind off the procedure. If none of this works, simple sedation may be enough to put you at ease and ensure your treatment goes through without a hitch. You can talk with your dentist about whether this is advisable for you.

If you’d like to find out more about Oakley Dental and Dr Steven Maskill’s approaches to dental phobia, simply get in touch today on 0161-773-0111.

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