Invisalign – The Simple Way To A Beautiful Smile

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign is an advanced treatment system for teeth that require realigning. Since the method went public in 2001, hundreds of thousands of people have chosen to use Invisalign in order to adjust the positioning of their teeth. So how does it work? Oakley Dental, a cosmetic dentistry clinic well-versed in the use of Invisalign, has put together this handy guide to this very popular and effective product.

1. The Look

One of the most common objections to traditional braces is their train-track like appearance. Being stuck with metal bars in your mouth for months on end is hardly an appealing prospect to many people. Invisalign comes in the form of a subtle, clear mouthpiece, to take the self-consciousness away from wearing aligners.

2. The Technology

Instead of endless visits to the dentist to have your braces tightened painfully, Invisalign simply involves a regular change of aligners, meaning that your teeth move subtly with every new set. The aligners are made from “SmartTrack” material, are fitted exactly to your gumline to prevent any discomfort, and are easily removable so you can continue to eat what you want and do what you love.

3. The Simplicity

Today’s busy lifestyle means that keeping up with appointments can often prove difficult. Visits to your Invisalign Provider only need to take place once every six to eight weeks, where you will get several different sets of aligners so that you can replace them yourself every week or fortnight, depending on your chosen procedure.

4. The Variety

Invisalign Full is the basic treatment system offered by Invisalign. This most commonly takes between a year and eighteen months to complete. However, there is also the option of Invisalign Lite, for smaller adjustments to your smile. This involves a fixed number of aligners and can be used to prepare for other cosmetic treatments such as receiving veneers. Invisalign i7 is a more short-term solution and is best for minor tweaks, such as getting individual problem teeth back in line or resolving issues where previous alignment work has relapsed slightly. There is also Invisalign Teen, which was created to keep up with young people who are quickly growing and developing.

5. What Invisalign Can Do For You

Invisalign can do so much more than fix “wonky” teeth. If you struggle with orthodontic issues such as a deep bite, overbite, underbite, open bite, gapped teeth or an “overcrowded mouth” – conditions that can affect speech and eating and can even lead to gum disease, tooth decay, joint issues and bone loss, Invisalign can help to rectify these problems – not just improving the cosmetic appearance of your smile but also safeguarding your future oral and dental health.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Invisalign technology, procedures, or would like to book a consultation with Oakley Dental to discuss your orthodontic or cosmetic dentistry needs, please feel free to call 0161-773-0111 today for further information.

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