Are you a nervous dental patient?

Are you a nervous dental patient in Manchester?

Are you a nervous dental patient?

We know that many people can be frightened of the dentist. They have anxiety about it and very often this is related to a bad experience in childhood. Who remembers the dreaded school dentist?! Perhaps you saw a dentist as a child and they were less than gentle? There really is no need to be terrified of the dentist! Modern dentistry and techniques has come on a long way in the last few years and you will be amazed at how relaxed the whole dental appointment experience now is.

Dental anxiety

At Oakley Dental in Prestwich, Manchester, Dr Steven Maskill has seen more than 10,000 dental phobic patients in the last 30 years and he is a registered Dental Phobia Certified Dentist. Steve really does love helping patients get over their dental phobia and dental anxiety and his patients love him (visit here to hear from what just a few nervous patients have to say about their experience). He takes the time to listen to nervous patients’ concerns and fears and puts them at their ease. Often, the first appointment is just a chat over a cup of tea so that you can get used to and feel comfortable in the surroundings. Then, once you are happy, we can progress to sitting in the chair and Steve examining your teeth. This is done at your pace and all the time Steve will be explaining what he is doing and why. After this examination, Steve and you can discuss your treatment options and what each will cost and entail. Then you can make the decision that you feel is right for you.

Steve will help you get over your dental fear and back on the road to having a smile that you can show off again. Get in touch for a consultation – Oakley Dental, Prestwich, Manchester.

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