Oakley Dental a Soothing Touch for Nervous Patients

A trip to the dentist has become synonymous for many with nervousness and fear. This is a natural reaction, considering that – prior to the wonderful advancements that dentistry has undergone over the last few decades – techniques were once far less refined and involved a great deal more pain.

A fear of the dentist seems to have infiltrated society’s collective psyche, and has resulted in a large percentage of people developing dental phobia – a condition of uncontrollable fear that often causes trips to the dentist being put off for months or even years (Dr Steve Maskill BDS of Oakley Dental recently came across a patient who had not visited a dentist for literally half a century!).

Despite the now easy and painless nature of modern dentistry, the very real problem of anxiety or nerves in some patients still exists, and must be combatted.

In 2014, Oakley Dental in Manchester achieved an award for the Best Treatment of Nervous Patients at the Private Dentistry Awards, and this accolade was the result of many years of hard work. The specialists at the practice have striven to ensure that from the second a patient enters the practice, they are put at ease. No stark, daunting atmosphere in the waiting room – it’s all about warmth and sensitivity.

However, the clinic’s positive approach to patient relations is only the first step. Dr Steve Maskill has completed a number of sedation courses at the lauded Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry (SAAD) in London, and has also provided mentorship in sedation techniques for other dentists.

The sedative he uses to calm the nerves of more anxious patients is Midazolam, a gentle sedative that is perfectly safe to use, is injected into the back of the hand and takes effect in just minutes. Patients retain consciousness throughout their visit, but are freed from the grip of nerves and anxiety. The sedative is also extremely useful for longer surgeries, as it helps the body to relax and reduces strain – this also means that a treatment that usually takes several appointments can be achieved in one, saving the patient a great deal of time and stress. Other issues that can be solved using Midazolam include extreme gag reflexes, self-consciousness, sensitive teeth and a fear of needles.

If you experience fear, nerves or anxiety when visiting the dentist, or are putting off your visits as a result of this, Oakley Dental are more than happy to help.

Dr Steve Maskill is a dental phobic certified dentist, and specializes in helping you feel at ease. Call the clinic today on 0161-773-0111 for a relaxed, free dental phobic assessment.

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